Meama Experience

Walk with us!

Walk with us and discover the hidden gems of Tuscany. 🌱🌼


Switch off, relax and hike with us in a slow and conscious way.

The world is running non-stop, day and night.
A lot of life is missing in this frenzy way.

We become only aware of Nature when we exceed the limits and often we pay the consequences. Our travel idea is slow, responsible and authentic.
Our paths are designed to improve the paths they cross, to enhance the most authentic territories far from the beaten track. To leave a positive imprint in the communities and an indelible trace in the memory of our traveling guests. ❤️

We design unique, unusual and authentic experiences to discover the hidden gems of Italy.
We are inspired by the nature, beauty and goodness of the territories we explore and study in detail and personally all our hiking tours. 🥾

We do thorough research on destination’s details to accompany you on memorable journeys. We make side inspections for every path, care all our relationship with the communities and adapt every choice to the most particular needs.

Please click here on the link to see our brochure with some more beautiful pictures.

The most of our hiking experiences are tailor-made. So tell us where you wish to walk or what you’ll like to see and we will bring you there. ⭐️

Some details of the experiences, our guest love most, you can find here:

➡️ half day or full day experiences

➡️ more day experiences or pilgrimate

For any special needs, tailor-made assistance or just to talk about our life or walking-experiences please do not hesitate to contact me.

Just clic on the green WhatsApp sign in bottom of the screen on the left.

Walk, don’t run !